Rock Bass (like the fish) is an alternative rock band from Morgantown, WV. Formed in February 2011 by Canon and Kevin, Rock Bass set about its goal to write, record, and perform fun and unique original music.

Rock Bass is Canon Fazenbaker (vocals / guitar), Kevin Poling (bass), Steve Yokum (drums), and Lee Dunn (guitar / vocals)

In the center of the perfect storm of punk aesthetics, alt-rock sensibilities, and an ever-changing approach to the force of the guitar, stands Rock Bass. Here they work, here they breathe but here they are never calm. When you find yourself in the center of this perfect storm, there will always be sound – whether it be noisy riffs, delicate finger-picking, invading brass, hopeful harmonica or a front loaded rhythm section.

Rock Bass is classic indie rock, a throwback to a time where thick reverb or booming production was not the goal of the music but the instruments that carry the music and the musicians that carry the instruments were important.

These vivacious paragraphs might sound like propaganda but, honestly, Rock Bass are a genuine group and a band in motion. Having been featured on several focused radio shows, including WCLG and WOAFM99, the constantly moving blogosphere is also taking notice of these rockers as well – Rock Bass has been featured both on WV Sound and Sonic Smash-Music. Furthermore, if you are in the Allegheny Highlands and have a taste for the alternative scene, you have most definitely heard these guys before, perhaps without even knowing it as Rock Bass crafted the theme song for the Allegheny Mountain Radio show Alternate Transmission.

All in all? If you are looking for the essence of indie rock, look no further. Sling out your fishing rods and catch up on Rock Bass, because they will continue to head up-stream no matter how the big the waves are.

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